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Caroline B. Williams, AuD

Get to know Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams gained most of her experience in an ENT clinical environment in Houston, Texas prior to moving to Austin in August of 2017. This invaluable experience has prepared her for life outside of office walls, travelling into homes and offices with the knowledge and equipment ready to take special care of her patients in an environment that is comfortable for them and where real-life hearing struggles take place. This allows her the unique perspective that just is not fully attainable inside a clinic.

Dr. Williams attended the University of Florida and graduated with her Doctorate in Audiology in 2003. Prior to that, she earned her master’s degree from Lamar University in 2000 and her bachelor’s degree, also from the University of Florida in 1997. She is an active member of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) and the American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA).

Dr. Williams lives in NW Austin with her husband and their two children, making sure to enjoy time to explore everything that the Austin area has to offer. Having worked in the clinic setting for over 19 years, she is now taking her expertise on the road to assist patients who need her services brought to them!

Education & Experience


University of Florida – Doctor of Audiology (AuD) – 2003


Lamar University – Masters of Science – 2000


University of Florida – Bachelor of Arts – 1997

How can I help?

Services we commonly provide to patients


With our mobile equipment, we can perform a diagnostic hearing evaluation in the comfort of your office, home or other private environment with results as accurate as if performed in a clinic. You will be provided with a report documenting and reviewing all findings and recommendations at your appointment.


If you are found to be a candidate for hearing aid usage, we will discuss the range of devices available to treat your hearing loss, perform a demonstration of current technology and determine if you have insurance that will help with the cost of hearing aids. Appropriate technology can then be ordered and fit to your ears within two to three weeks, often sooner.


We offer routine maintenance on hearing aid technology, repairs if they are not working properly and programming adjustments at any time to make sure hearing aids are performing at levels that are meeting your needs.


Ensuring hearing health at any age is always recommended! Texas Mobile Hearing offers a variety of styles and designs of hearing protection depending on your needs. From swimming to concerts to hunting/shooting to motorcycling through the hill country, there are earplugs that can do a wonderful job protecting your hearing while letting you enjoy the activities you love!

Why choose me?

I know that my field of audiology is a very relational business and I enjoy that part of my profession the most. My goal for this practice is to bring audiology services to those who may not be able to receive care in the traditional medical setting, whether due to mobility issues or time constraints. As a profession, audiologists only see about 20% of the people who suffer from hearing loss. If finding the time to travel to an appointment is what’s keeping you from doing something about your hearing loss, please contact me so that I can come to you.


Texas Mobile Hearing, LLC


Caroline Williams listens, guides and provides valuable service to me. Her knowledge, skills and personable care and attention to my specific needs has been outstanding. She has fitted me with hearing aids for many years and when she changed locations, I too, changed to continue with her. I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who needs a great audiologist.
I knew I had a hearing problem for a while, but I always thought it was too much of a hassle already and didn't want to stress more about it. Caroline was great at getting my fittings and making me hear again frustration-free
Caroline is the most caring audiologist. I trust her completely - have been working with her at least ten years. Thank you
She is quick and makes really made me feel like a priority as a patient.
You can always count on Caroline!

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